Closer Look: Francesco Totti Receives New One-of-a-Kind Nike Tiempo Boots

Update 11/02/2017: Francesco Totti has received his custom version of the yellow Nike Tiempo Legend 6 paint job. See some nice close-up images of the boots below and check out some of the boots Totti wore during his career below.

Francesco Totti's New Custom 2017 Boots

Close-up with Francesco Totti's custom new Nike Tiempo soccer cleats.

Update: AS Roma legend Francesco Totti celebrates his 40h birthday today. And while we recently already took a look at his current one-of-a-kind Nike Tiempo Legend VI boots featuring his trademark tongue, we decided to show off some of Totti's cleats he has worn during his career. And while the former Italy international received a signature boot from the Swoosh last year, he has not always worn boots from the Swoosh but laced up in Diadora boots before.

Francesco Totti's Boot History

Totti has worn almost endless different football boots during his career - here are some of them.

Update 24/08/2016: Francesco Totti has finally received his trademark custom version of the latest Nike Tiempo Legend 6 paint job after he wore the red, black and white Tiempo February 2016 paint job for almost half a year.

Francesco Totti's 2016-17 Boots

Close-up with Francesco Totti's custom Nike Tiempo.

Boasting the design of the Nike Tiempo Legend Euro 2016 Spark Brilliance boots, Totti's new Tiempos feature the same customizations as before.

Update 20/02/2016: Francesco Totti has received his custom version of the latest Nike Tiempo Legend 6 paint job (Light Crimson / Black / Total Crimson Nike Tiempo Legend Metal Flash Pack). Totti debuted the boots that again feature his trademark tongue in the Champions League match against Real Madrid.

Francesco Totti x Marcelo

Close-up pictures of Totti's custom red Nike Tiempo Legend Boot

Update 10/01/2016: Legendary AS Roma player Francesco Totti finally debuted his custom version of the next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Football Boots after he was out with a right thigh injury that he sustained during the Serie A match between Roma and Carpi in late September 2015.

Update 07/01/16: Someone has created an image of Totti's custom Nike Tiempo Legend Boots featuring his iconic folded tongue [please note that the sole plate is not that one of Totti's modified boots but from the standard edition (to the maker of the picture: please let us know that you created the boots so we can give the well-deserved credits)].

Francesco Totti's Custom Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Boot

Close-up pictures of Francesco Totti's Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Edition.

Most remarkably, Francesco Totti's next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Football Boots boast the infamous tongue that not only stands out, but is also anything but similar to the tongue of the standard edition of the boots. Whereas the Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Cleats come with a modern tongue construction, the Totti edition comes with a folded down tongue with an elsatric strap that is designed to keep the tongue in place.

Totti has been using the same tongue construction in the past few years, while Nike last year even released a special of the Nike Tiempo featuring a bespoke design that included, of course, his beloved and actually trademark tongue design.

Interestingly, whereas the tongue has been fully customized for the 39-year old attacking midfielder, the upper of the next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Totti Edition looks like the one introduced for the sixth generation of the boots (including the brand-new xray skeleton that allows Nike to ditch the traditional stitching of leather boots in the forefoot area).

But Nike did not only put the custom 'Totti tongue' on the next-gen Tiempo boots, the US-giant also gave the 39-year midfielder his beloved sole plate that he has been using in the past few years, creating a product that exactly meets the requirements of the AS Roma legend.

Unique. What would you give to get your hands on one of the completely custom boots that are solely made for legendary Francesco Totti? Let us know in the comments below.