8 New Pictures: Adidas Glitch Leaked - Boot With Interchangeable Upper and Sole Plate

Update #4 Eight new pictures of the Adidas Glitch have been leaked, revealing even more variants of the extremely versatile football boot model.

Update #3: Three new pictures of the boots have been leaked via Pervy_Pixis73.

Update #2: Two more pictures showing some variants of the upcoming Adidas Glitch boots has been leaked. It shows three different variations of the shoe, as well as its unique packaging. This can only mean the official release is near.

Update: We've received new pictures as well as previously unheard details on the boots that will be known as Adidas Glitch. They were showcased by Adidas in London last Friday. Thanks to Miles from the comments section for the picture and info.

Adidas Glitch leaked. As we are nearing their official public unveiling, we have received the first 'real' pictures of and new info on the customizable Adidas Glitch boots first shown off by Chelsea youngster Charlie Colkett, who laced up in the unique Adidas prototypes in an Academy game in late August.

'Ensure chassis is locked in before use' - picture shows Adidas Glitch outer-boot without internal techfit cage

Totally new Adidas Boots With Interchangeable Parts

This is one of the first close-up pictures of the entirely new Adidas soccer boots. (thanks to MAC.AS.)

On the new leaked pictures, the upper of the Adidas Glitch is solid white with black three stripes and a reflective pattern. The techfit part of the upper shows a pattern that we've already seen on some of the Adidas X 16+ PureChaos colorways released so far. The sole plate, by far the most intriguing part of the shoe, is white with an iridescent finish.

Close-up of Colkett's boots

Design-wise, the boots worn by Colkett's featured an interesting graphic print, a bit like the snakeskin-inspired ones from Adidas' Viper Pack that was launched in early September. A black techfit collar with a pull tab at rear, reminiscent of the Adidas Ace 16+ PureControl and lateral Adidas striping that looks similar like what can be seen on the Adidas Messi boots, rounded off the design.

However, although the Adidas Glitch cleats take inspirations from all of Adidas' current soccer cleat models, these new Adidas boots are an entirely new concept and not really linked to any of them. The upper, for example, is more or less just the same used on the Adidas X 16+ PureChaos, while the positioning of the Adidas stripes is reminiscent of the the current Messi and next-gen Ace boots.

Internal techfit cage at the front

What's completely new about them is the sole plate and construction in general. Designed to allow people to customize their boots like no other model out there currently, the techfit part of the new Adidas Glitch boots can be removed in order to disconnect the entire upper from the chassis. It is assumed that it will be possible to combine different uppers, sole plates and techfit parts.

This concept of the Adidas Glitch boots shows similarities to Adidas' 'TUNIT' concept, which saw the brand release 32 country-specific uppers for the 2006 World Cup, for example. It will be interesting to see if the concept can last longer this time around.

Adidas Glitch - what will be available?

At first, there will be two types of soles, FG (firm-ground) and SG (soft-ground), while the techfit inner-sock will be available as mid and high variant. Lastly, the outer-skin will come as leather and synthetic in around 10 colors in total. We've also heard that it will be possible to design entirely custom outer-skins later.

How will you be able to buy the Adidas Glitch boots with interchangeable parts?

Adidas' all-new Glitch soccer cleats will not be released to the general public initially. Instead, people invited to early testing will receive exclusive codes which allow them plus three friends to purchase the boots directly through Adidas. The codes will be sent out before the end of October, so it's safe to expect the official full announcement soon.

A full package Adidas Glitch of outsole, inner-shoe and outer-shoe is set to retail at £250 (approx $308, €280), while new skins will be available at £100 each.

Interchangeable parts - what are your thoughts on this entirely new model from Adidas? Drop us a line below and share your thoughts on the Adidas Glitch.