Juventus 17-18 Kit Leaked?

Update: Several followers contacted us after they have seen a draw showing the full design of the new Juventus 2017-2018 home jersey asking if this design would be legit. While we do not know how exactly the new Juventus 2017-2018 strip will look like, the two drafts by La Maglia Bianconera could turn out to be pretty accurate. Personally, we think that their second concept is the more accurate one.

How the New Juventus 17-18 Kit Could Look Like

Here are the two concepts of @La_Bianconera, which are based on the available leaked info.

Whereas the Juventus 2017-18 away jersey will be yellow and blue, inspired by the coat of arms of the city of Turin, the Juventus 17-18 kit will be more along the lines of the first two Juventus home shirts by Adidas. The Adidas Juventus 2017-2018 shirt is sponsored by Jeep and slated for release in May 2017.

Juventus 17-18 Home Kit

This image shows the base of the Juventus 2017-2018 home jersey.

Staying true to its roots, the Juventus 17-18 shirt will feature black and white stripes. Compared to the current Juventus jersey, the Adidas Juventus 2017-18 kit will have thinner stripes, adding up to around nine stripes across the front instead of five. The back of the Juventus 2017-2018 jersey will at least feature a black block for player names and numbers and might even be completely black.

Apart from that, the Juventus 17-18 kit is expected to have stripes sleeves again, while the omnipresent Adidas stripes are set to return to their original position on the shoulders. To complete the design, subtle splashes of gold are set to form part of the Juventus 2017-2018 home shirt. Another rumor is that the Jeep logo on the chest could be applied less obtrusively.

Last but not least, the shorts and socks of the Juventus 17-18 home kit will be white, with black logos and Adidas stripes.

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