Adidas Torfabrik 2017-18 Bundesliga Ball Leaked

The first picture of the 2017-2018 Adidas Torfabrik Bundesliga ball has been leaked, confirming a design that's very much in line with most recent Adidas soccer balls. Once again based on the panel shape of the 2014 World Cup ball, Brazuca.

Adidas Torfabrik Bundesliga 17-18 Official Match Ball

This image shows the OMB of the 2017-2018 Bundesliga season, made by Adidas.

Whereas most past Bundesliga Torfabrik balls prominently featured red, the new Adidas Torfabrik 17-18 Bundesliga football combines black with blue and yellow, besides a largely white ground of course. The other colors of the Adidas Bundesliga 17-18 ball are applied in a paint splatter design that covers the unique panels with a 'X'-shape, in line with many recent Adidas balls, including the ones for the MLS and the Confederations Cup.

In terms of features, the new Adidas 2017-18 Bundesliga ball remains unchanged from the 2014 to 2016 editions. It's based on the Adidas Brazuca, official ball of the 2014 World Cup, and features a pretty unique six-panel shape.

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