Adidas 2018 Champions League Final Kiev Ball Leaked

Update: The first official pictures of the Adidas 2018 Champions League final ball have been leaked. The 2018 Champions League Final Kiev ball is set to be released just before the start of the last-16 round, in February.

Adidas Finale Kiev - 2018 Champions League Final Ball

This image shows said ball, to be used for the second half of 17-18's Champions League action.

Once again featuring the competition's trademark star-shaped panels, the 2018 Champions League Final Kiev soccer ball boasts a spectacular look that makes use of colors of the Ukrainian flag in great fashion.

The logos of Adidas, UEFA Champions League and the final itself are present on the white parts of the ball.
The NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kiev was announced as the final venue by UEFA last September.

The Adidas 2018 Champions League Final ball will be released in February. The RRP is set at 140 Euro (105 GBP, 160 USD).

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