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Arsenal 17-18 Camo Collection Released

Together with the launch of the new 17-18 home kit, Arsenal also revealed a stunning new 'Camo Collection' for the 2017-18 campaign. The new Puma Arsenal 17-18 Camo Collection was an instant hit amongst supporters.

Arsenal 2017-18 Camo Home Jersey

This is the new Puma Arsenal 2017-2018 Camo home jersey, which will also serve as pre-match shirt.

The new Arsenal 17-18 Camo home jersey boasts an outstanding 1990s-inspired graphic print on the front and the back. It comes with a white Puma logo and a white Fly Emirates logo on the front.

The new Arsenal 2017-2018 Camo Home Jersey is Arsenal's new pre-match jersey and retails at just 38 GBP.

Arsenal 17-18 evoKNIT Camo Long Jersey

A new completely new addition to Arsenal's Puma range, the Arsenal evoKNIT Camo Long t-shirt features a stealth look with an all-over camouflage print.

Arsenal 2017-18 Camo Collection - Back Pack, Gym Sack, Snapback

A gym sack, a back bag and a cap complete the new Puma Arsenal 2017-2018 Camo Collection.

What do you think of the new Arsenal 17-18 Camo Collection? Let us know in the comments below and check out all leaked and released 17-18 kits in the Kit Overview.