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Hummel Brøndby 17-18 Home Kit Released

Danish club Brøndby IF this week revealed their new home kit for the 17-18 season. The new Brøndby IF 2017-18 jersey is again made by Hummel, set to be worn in the first match of the Alka Superliga season against FC Midtjylland on Sunday.

Brøndby IF 2017-2018 Home Jersey

This is the new Brøndby 17-18 home kit.

The new Brondby 17-18 home jersey is inspired by the gladiators' battle-ready capabilities and armed protection in the form of armor and breastplates. Therefore, it features a embossed pattern on the front of the shirt that emphasizes muscle groups contour.

The stripes on the sleeve celebrates Brondby IF's strong community in a merger between the club and the south sides of blue colors. On the inside of the shirt is an icons graphic, while inside the the collar is Brondby's motto and basis - Supra Societatem Nemo (No one is above the club).

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