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New Premier League 17-18 Sleeve Sponsors - Here Are All Deals Signed So Far

For the first time in history, the Premier League allows clubs to have a sleeve sponsor in the 2017-18 season. The branding can be a maximum of 100cm2 on the left sleeve, with the Premier League logo still featuring on the right. If they don't sell the space, clubs will wear the Premier League logo on both sleeves.

The advertising space has been valued at around 20 per cent of the main kit sponsorship deal, with Man City's deal with Nexen Tyre deal the most valuable yet (10m GBP / season).

At least two top-flight clubs who will not be able to participate in the deal for next season, due to current deals with main sponsors banning the appearance of a secondary brand on the kit. Interestingly, Sporting Group International have negotiated with eight clubs to sell an aggregated shirt sleeve sponsorship deal, while they have not sealed a deal yet.

With the 2017-18 season less than two weeks away, many teams have signed sleeve sponsor deals. Let's take a detailed look which teams have already signed a deal and which clubs will not have an own sleeve sponsor.

Premier League 2017-18 Sleeve Sponsorship Deals

Man City - Nexen Tire

Chelsea - Alliance Tyres

Swansea - Barracuda Networks

Stoke City - First Eleven

Southampton - Virgin Media

Leicester City - Siam Commercial Bank

Crystal Palace - Dongqiudi

Huddersfield Town - PURE Legal

Watford - 138 Bet

Which sleeve sponsor do you like? Which do you strongly dislike? Share your thoughts in the comments below.