Real Madrid's Best Players' Adidas X Boots Are Totally Different To What We Get

If your are regularly following our website, who surely already know that there are many players that receive custom, modified football shoes from their brands. After we came across some new pictures of the modified soccer cleats of Real Madrid's Bale and Marcelo, we wanted to update you with a closer look at latest Adidas boot creations that are made in Adidas' shoe fabric in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

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Closer Look | Custom Adidas X 17 Bale & Marcelo Boots

Both Bale's and Marcelo's boots were handcrafted in Germany and are very different to the retail edition of the boots. In fact, Bale's cleats have a standard tongue, an upper with dimples like the previous generation of X, a TPU stripe hardening the front of the shoe, which has never been used for any of these models as well as a different collar for a more snug fit.

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The cleats of Marcelo are also heavily modified for the Brazilian. The feature a totally different collar than the standard boots, an upper with a standard tongue that further changes the construction of the boot. The lacing system is also totally different (no loops e.g.).

However, it are not only Real Madrid's players and superstars such as Diego Costa who receive custom football boots, the German brand creates modified soccer cleats for all of their sponsored players if requested to match their exact needs. One of the players with very interesting modifications is Hoffenheim's Andrej Kramaric, whose Adidas X 17+ Purespeed football boot are customized in the heel area.

What do you think of this? Do you think that Adidas should release new generations not so frequently (currently every 12 months vs Nike's 18-24 months)? Let us know in the comments below.