New Boots Added - Adidas Predator, Adizero, Nike CTR and Total 90 | How to Get Them Brand-New Online Now

Update: Classic Football Shirts added a ton of brand-new, classic Adidas football boots to their website. Ranging from the 2011 Adidas F50 Adizero to various Adidas Predator LZ colorways, the new classic Adidas soccer boots are available from just 45 GBP.

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Still rocking your beloved Adidas Predator or Nike Total 90? If so, there is a good chance that your boot of choice will soon have done its job forever. However, it's still possible to pick up brand-new classic boots, and under retail on top of that. Learn how.

Get Classic Football Boots as Classic Football Shirts

The Nike Total 90 II football boot is only one of the many football boots available at Classic Football Shirts.

While Classic Football Shirts is famous for offering endless historical football shirts, the famous retailer recently also added football boots to their ever-growing selection of products.

Classic Football Shirts offering ranges from not-so-famous boots such as the Adidas Strato 1998 Winners football boot to iconic soccer boots such as the Adidas Predator, Adizero, CTR and Total 90, with plenty different generations and colorways available with the only downside that not many sizes are available of each boot, respectively.

Get them now on Classic Football Shirts

Do you also miss boots such as the Nike Total 90, Nike CTR, Adidas Adizero and Adidas Predator? Let us know in the comments below.
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