Next Next Gen Puma ONE 2019 Boots Leaked

Puma has done the unthinkable and went where even Adidas didn't contemplate going. Instead of the traditional two-year or a one-year cycle, the German company has decided to release new generations for its football boot silos, Future and ONE, every six months.

Today we have a first look at the next but one Puma ONE 19.

Puma ONE 19.1 - Black / Bright Blue / Red

This image shows the next-gen Puma ONE 19 cleat.

Already the fourth generation since the silo debuted in Summer 2017, the Puma ONE 19 is basically the same as the Puma ONE 1, which will be launched shortly and in time for the World Cup.

It appears to have the exact same silhouette and sole plate as the Puma ONE 1 while replacing the dotted texture in the front area with one that consists of irregular line shapes. It's a bit like on the current gen.

Puma have opted for a really fresh colorway to debut the next-gen Puma ONE 2019 boots in. The design is split between a black rear and bright blue front, with bright red trim used to nicely complement this base.

The Puma ONE 19 football boots are expected to be debuted in December 2018. Pricing should be identical or fairly similar to the current generation, which retails at EUR 200.

Let's hear your thoughts on the next but one Puma ONE 2019 cleats in the comments below. Check out the Boot Calendar to stay ahead in the cleat game.
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