Puma's Pyramid Of Football Kit Sponsorship - 7 Elite Teams

Update: The new Puma 2022 catalogue reveals Puma's current Premium, Top & Standard Teams. There are no big changes compared to last year - however, Puma is reported to lose their most important national team after the 2022 World Cup - Italy.

14 Puma teams seem to be globally relevant for Puma

In total, 14 Puma club teams seem to be globally relevant for Puma in 2022 - those who received the streamlined "innovative" but unpopular third jerseys.

Puma's 14 Most Important Teams in 2022: AC Milan, BVB, Manchester City, Valencia, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Olympique Marseille, Stade Rennais, Shakhtar Donetsk, Fenerbahçe, Krasnodar, Club Libertad, PSV Eindhoven, Chivas, and Rayados. Chivas' and Rayados' third kits were leaked but not released yet, oddly.

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Puma made it easy for us at first glance...In contrast to Adidas and Nike, Puma made it very easy to create a "Pyramid Of Football Kit Sponsorship" for the brand, at least at first glance. The Puma Catalog features a list of all Puma clubs and Federations that shows off which are the brand's top clubs/federations and 'B clubs'.

Puma Levels Of Football Sponsorship

Puma just defines three levels of football team partnerships in their catalog - Premium Teams, Standard Teams & Third-Party.

Premium Teams are the most important Puma clubs - seven in total (Marseille, Palmeiras, Dortmund, Manchester City, Chivas, Milan, Valencia).

Standard Teams are all football teams that have a direct contract with Puma - their kits are designed in Puma's Headquarters - Puma has almost 40 Standard Teams under contract.

Third-Party teams do not have a direct contract with Puma but with an "independent" retailer / agency - there are certainly hundreds of those teams.

We made a 'better' pyramidHowever, this is of course not the whole story. We made a 'better' pyramid that also takes into account whose jerseys are sold internationally.

Top-level Puma Standard Teams include Gladbach, PSV, and MonterreyOf course, some of the Puma "Standard Teams" receive more products from Puma and are more important for the brand. The top-level Puma Teams include Gladbach, PSV, Slavia Prague, Independiente (kit not sold outside Argentina due to taxes, etc - produced in Argentina), and Monterrey.

Puma's Catalog Pyramid Of Teams - Premium Teams, Standard & Third-Party

Actual Puma Pyramid Of Teams - Top Teams, Premium, Direct & Third-Party

Puma Top Teams - 7 Clubs:

Puma's Premium teams are on the brand's highest level. There are seven premium Puma teams currently, according to the brand's official 2021 catalog.

Chivas, Dortmund, Manchester City, Marseille, Milan, Palmeiras, Valencia

Puma 2nd Tier Top Teams - 7 Clubs:

Gladbach, Independiente (kit not sold outside Argentina due to taxes etc - produced in Argentina), Chivas, Monterrey, PSV, Slavia Prague, Shkaktar

Puma Teams With Direct Contract - More than 40 Teams

Puma's "Standard Teams" have a direct contract with Puma. Their kits are designed in Puma's HQ (or at least with direct input from Puma).

Puma Standard Teams (Examples): Bursaspor, Greuther Fürth, Sheffield F.C. (world's oldest football club)

Third Party - Many, Many Clubs:

Change For The Better? Comparing Puma's 19-20 & 20-21 3. Liga Kits

Third-Party teams have no direct contract with Puma but with a third party who manages contracts for Puma.

Puma Third Party Teams (most second-division teams, almost all lower division clubs, all German 3. Liga teams): AFC Wimbledon, Carl Zeiss Jena, Holstein Kiel, Viktoria Köln, Sportfreunde Lotte & many, many more

Non-Affiliated Puma Teams - Thousands of Clubs:

Like it is the case with all other brands in the world, there are thousands of teams that choose to wear Puma kits independently and buy Puma kits for their club themselves.

National Teams

Puma has various national teams under contract. The most important one is definitely Italy. Puma's catalog includes 13 Puma Premium national teams currently (or 14, as Paraguay recently signed a deal with Puma). In fact, only American Samoa is wearing Puma shirts but does not have a direct contract with Puma.

Puma Premium National Teams (13 In Total):

Africa: Ivory, Coast, Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal

Europe: Austria, Czech, Republic, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Serbia, Switzerland

South America: Paraguay, Uruguay

What do you think of Puma's line-up of football teams? Which team should also be on Puma's top level? Share your thoughts in the comments below.