Attention: "Don't Fall For This Fake Football Jerseys Rip-Off Online Store"

If you are thinking about giving away a football kit as present for Christmas, we want to warn you to avoid purchasing them at one particular store - UK Soccer Shop. Let us find out why, with information from a recent article of The Mail on Sunday.

UK Soccer Shop is an online store for a wide international range of replica strips that was launched in 2005. It is run by Simon Pretswell (aged 35 / 36 years) from Hamilton, a Scottish town 12 miles south-east of Glasgow.

WARNING: Do Not Order At UK Soccer Shop

When searching about UK Soccer Shop on Google, you quickly find out there have been reports about UK Soccer Shop and its bad behavior since ever the store was founded - that was 15 years ago. However, the store is still active.

The website of UK Soccer Shop looks trustworthy at first glance*

There need to be a reason for these One Star Reviews

There are various reasons why not to order at UK Soccer Shop, including late / wrong delivery or no delivery at all, 'fake' concept kits as well as a ultimately bad customer service.

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The store stopped selling football boots several years ago

People who have made bad experiences with UK Soccer Shop started a Facebook page some time ago to make people aware of the store being suspicious and unreliable.

However, even though all those things are known and reported again and again, the store is still online and active.

Below is a lost of reasons why you should NEVER ORDER AT UK Soccer Shop.

Delivers Wrong Sizes / Too Less Items And That Often Far Too Late

As described by dozens of people on review sites, it is one thing to order and another to receive an item from UK Soccer Shop. The store does not only deliver items way too late regularly but is also infamous for delivering wrong items - people often get wrong sizes, or it happens that are few of the ordered products are missing.

Hardly Accepts Returns

If the item delivered by UK Soccer Shop does not match what people originally wanted or if they want to return it for another reason, that is hardly possible with UK Soccer Shop. It is safe to say that the store is the opposite of forthcoming when it comes to returns.

In contrast to EU law, UK Soccer Shop offers no returns forms or address at which to contact the seller. According to The Mail on Sunday, "a phone number provided rings our continuously".

Reported To Sell Counterfeit Products

The Mail on Sunday also says in their article that they ordered a Senegal kit from the website that "was clearly fake".

"The material is cheap, the printing is cheap. They look like they've been made with a knife and fork, not a sewing machine," a buyer from a major clothing firm aid.

We can not confirm that UK Soccer Shop is really selling counterfeit kits of Adidas, Nike, Puma or other brands so far, but if that would be the case.... We can, however, imagine that not 100% of the alleged official products are really from the official brands... The most clever thing would be to mix in some counterfeit products.

Fake Shirt Printings

While it is not sure but rather unlikely that UK Soccer Shop is really selling counterfeit Adidas, Puma and Nike jerseys, the store has been caught faking official shirt prints already in 2008. The Counterfeit Portugal print makes the shirt practically worthless in a collection.

Sells 'Fake' Concept Football Kits

UK Soccer Shop is not only selling official merchandising and kits but also bad quality concept kits that appear next to the official jerseys. The products you than get delivered often differ from the 3D sketches and are of poor quality.

Recommended Stores To Order

We can recommended to order at trusted stores like KITBAG, Pro:Direct Soccer, Fútbol Emotion, 11teamsports and Unisportstore (if you are from Europe), (USA) and Classic Football Shirts for classic shirts. It is also to safe to order at the brand's official online stores.

To describe it with the words of the Scottish version of The Mail on Sunday - "Don't fall for the fake football jerseys rip-off".

Has somebody of you ever ordered at UK Soccer Shop? Are your surprised the store is still active? Comment below.