Manchester City 21-22 Away Kit Leaked

Manchester City's new 2021-22 away uniform has been leaked via Todo Sobre Camisetas. Turkish kit expert @esvaphane created a render of it, showing off a more accurate 'real-life' look.

In case you missed it, the 'Aguerooooo'-inspired home kit got leaked in April 2021, while the "revolutionary" third kit was revealed some days ago.

Manchester City 21-22 Home Kit Leaked

Man City 21-22 Away Shirt

This picture shows the Man City 2021-22 away football shirt.

The Man City 2021-22 away jersey combines a white base with Ocean Depths, which is a shade of blue that ranges slightly into teal / green. Pink also plays a major role in the design.

The chest does not feature a graphic, it is just ventilation holes

What stands out about the kit is the bold and eye-catching effect applied to the logos, fading from pink to purple and then to blue.

What is important to know is that the product draft has something on the chest that looks like a graphic but is none. Indeed, it is the ventilation on the fabric for the player issue version, just too visible.

In fact, the colorway is somewhat reminiscent of the one used throughout the branding of the failed European Super League, which City were set to form a part of. It's likely just a pure coincidence but we could see this aspect of the design being unpopular with the club's supporters, who were largely against the breakaway league, nonetheless.

Man City 21-22 Away Collection

Some of the training products feature the team name - Man City in place of the club logo.

Manchester City 21-22 Third Kit Leaked

European Super League - Logo

European Super League Logo Revealed

What's your opinion on Man City's 2021-22 away uniform? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article, and see the 21-22 Kit Overview for 2021-2022 jersey leaks.