Olympique Marseille 21-22 Third Kit Released

The Puma Olympique Marseille 21-22 third kit was released earlier today, introducing a bold new look as part of the latest Puma collection.

The concept behind Puma's 2021-22 third kits is that while the badge of a team can change over time, its name will always remain the same - hence they prominently feature the name of the team, in this case Marseille, printed across the front.

Puma 21-22 Third Kits Released

Marseille 21-22 Third Kit

This is the Olympique de Marseille 2021-22 third football shirt, made by Puma.

The Puma OM 2021-22 third shirt boasts a revolutionary look based on the same template as the other Puma 21-22 third jerseys. OM's third jersey combines a blue base with a lighter blue for applications and white - officially Electric Blue Lemonade & Blue Atoll.

The Marseille lettering on the front has a classic university font style. Subtle embossed Marseille badges round off the look.

The Puma logos are light blue, while the Marseille text and Uber Eats logos are white.

Puma combines the OM 2021-2022 third jersey with blue / turquoise blue / white shorts and socks.

Marseille 21-22 Goalkeeper Third Kit

This is the Puma OM 2021-2022 goalkeeper third jersey.

The OM 21-22 goalkeeper third shirt is red with white trim and logos, based on the same template.

Marseille's new 2021-2022 third strip was released on August 18th, 2021.

Olympique Marseille 21-22 Home Kit Leaked

Made by Puma. What do you think about Marseille's third shirt? Drop us a line below, and browse the 21-22 Kit Overview for all Ligue 1 kit leaks.