Kawasaki Frontale 2021 Special 'Water' Kit Released

Japanese club Kawasaki Frontale yesterday released a special kit to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kawasaki's water supply. It is officially called "Waterworks Bureau City Of Kawasaki 100th Anniversary Jersey".

Kawasaki Frontale's 2021 special strip will be worn in three matches in September / October 2021.

Kawasaki Frontale 2021 Special Kit

Check out Puma's Kawasaki Frontale 2021 special football shirt below.

The Puma Kawasaki Frontale 2021 special shirt boasts a modern and unique look inspired by the history of Kawasaki City and its water supply.

This season's limited uniform celebrates the 100th anniversary of Kawasaki's water supply. The white snake, which is considered to be the god of water, is also used for the graphic and the inside of the neck.

According to the press release, "the graphic is a link between the water flowing from the faucet and the aggressive soccer style of Frontale".

Kawasaki Frontale's new 2021 special strip is limited to 2,500 shirts. It retails at a price of 16.500 Japanese Yen (equals 150 United States Dollar).

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