The Kit Fonts Of All 24 Teams in Euro 2020 - Unique Nike, Universal Adidas & Puma

UEFA Euro 2020 does feature bespoke kits for all 24 teams. You likely know them all by heart by now - so we and (you likely) have already placed your attention on the minor things. Today we take a look at all the different kit fonts of the 24 Euro 2020 nations. Big thanks to Passione Maglie for pictures of all 24 fonts.

UEFA Euro 2020 - Fonts Of All 24 Teams

In the UEFA EURO 2020, we do not see 24 bespoke typefaces - Adidas and Puma teams are all using the same jersey font, except Germany and Switzerland.

Addias and Puma teams are using the same font, except Germany and SwitzerlandUniversal Puma EURO 2020 Kit Font Revealed - To Be Used By All Teams Except Switzerland

Adidas' Euro 2020 kit font has a rather odd look with a subtle graphic pattern included, while Puma's Euro 2020 font is more modern.

Nike Euro 2020 kit fonts

Nike has designed bespoke typefaces for most teamsNike has designed bespoke typefaces for most teams, inspired by the team's kits and history.

Unique: All Nike 2020 National Team Kit Fonts Released - England, Netherlands, USA & 6 More

The three nations not supplied by Adidas, Nike, or Puma (Denmark, North Macedonia, Ukraine) all have remarkable typefaces.

Euro 2020 Kit Overview - All 24 Team's Kits

UEFA EURO 2020 Font Released

Which is your favorite Euro 2020 kit typeface? Do you like that Nike is designing bespoke typefaces for most nations? Comment below.