We Finally Found Out: Here Is Why Italy & Turkey Both Wore Their Away Kits In UEFA EURO 2020 Opener

If you have followed the kit releases for Euro 2020, you were surely very surprised that Turkey wore their red kit vs Italy. We now are pretty sure to have found out why.

Despite the match was played in Rome, Italy was officially the away team. This means that Turkey had the first choice to choose the kit they want to wear. However, they opted for their red "away" kit and not for their white "home" kit.

Uefa's website lists the red kit as home

Turkey Registered The Original Red Away Kit As Home

However, while we first thought UEFA forced Turkey to wear all-red and Italy to wear all-white, things are different. The reason for Turkey wearing red is pretty simple - the red kit is officially registered as home kit for Euro 2020, as visible on UEFA's website.

Nike's website lists the white kit as home

When Nike launched the Turkey 2020 kits, the white jersey was the home and the red the away. On Nike's website, the white Turkey kit is also the home.

It is not known why the Turkish Football Federation registered the red kit as home.

So which kits Turkey will wear in the other two group matches?

Turkey vs Wales Kits

As home team against Wales in the second group stage match, Turkey will likely wear their red kit again, while Wales will wear their yellow away kit.

Tritanomaly colorblind people can hardly tell the difference between yellow and redThere is a small chance that Wales will wear red and Turkey will wear white as some Tritanomaly colorblind people can hardly tell the difference between yellow and red (it only affects 1:30,000 and 1:50,000 - much less than red-green color blindness).

Switzerland vs Turkey Kits

As the away team against Switzerland in the last group stage match, Turkey will likely debut their white kit, with Switzerland wearing their home kit.

Turkey Euro 2020 Home & Away Kits Released

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What do you think of Turkey’s red kit being the home at Euro 2020? Were you also very surprised to see Turkey wearing the red kit vs Italy? Comment below.