Is Puma's 21-22 Kit Collar Too Wide?

The new Puma 2021-22 kit designs were mostly well-received by fans. One thing that is uncommon about them is their wide collar, as noted by popular graphic designer Barça Pictures #14 (@Barca__pictures).

All-New Puma 21-22 Template - Wide Collar

All the Puma 21-22 kits are based on the streamlined new Puma template for the 2021-2022 season, which has nothing in common with previous Puma templates. It celebrated its debut with the controversial 21-22 international away kits.

While being very light, the new Puma 2021-22 kits template has unusual wide collars.

Puma just has two collar types for its authentic jerseyWhat is also awkward is that Puma just has two collars for its authentic Player Issue shirt in 21-22 - a large round and a large v-collar.

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As noted by Barça Pictures, the collar of Puma's kits looks "not wide on official release photos but it will be when they play with it".

Old vs new Puma template, as seen in Euro 2020

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What do you think of Puma's 21-22 kit template? Is the collar too wide? Comment below.