Football Kit Community Makes Fun of Puma 21-22 Third Kits

Thanks to social media it only took a few minutes until a massive shitstorm reached Puma because of their streamlined European third jerseys that come without the club crest on the front.

Puma 21-22 Third Kits Released

These new Puma 2021-22 third jerseys do feature a small version of each club logo on the back, and the football shirts of the arguably bigger teams come with the club's crest on the front, but only as a sublimated pattern that will not be visible from a distance.

The public was quickly offended by the new Puma 21-22 third kits, and the first meme emerged within a few minutes mocking Puma's new third jerseys for their cheap look that could easily be mistaken for unlicensed fakes from a distance.

Another meme addresses the avoidable littering by showing Puma's new third shirts on a pile of a junk that can be seen from space.

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