Lukaku Is Under Contract With Nike Again

Update: Romelu Lukaku Bolingoli celebrated his return to Chelsea in style yesterday by scoring the opening goal as well as having a great impact on the match itself. To top it off, the Belgian forward wore the next-generation Nike Phantom II cleats he already tried out in training sessions previously. This pretty much confirms that Lukaku joined Nike from Puma.

Romelu Lukaku joined Chelsea from Inter Milan for a few of 115 million euros. He signed a record five-year contract at Chelsea. Has the Belgian forward also signed a new boots contract?

Lukaku was a Puma player from 2018 until 2020Lukaku had been sponsored by Nike in his youth and his first years as a professional. In 2018, he joined Puma but apparently left the brand after just two years again, in summer 2020.

Lukaku's boots in 2020

Lukaku's boots in 2021

Lukaku Wears Latest Nike Mercurial Superfly Cleats in First Chelsea Training Session

In his first Chelsea training session, Romelu Lukaku laced up in the latest Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 boots from the Motivation Pack, which is usually an indicator that he has a contract with the Swoosh.

What makes it more likely than unlikely that he has a Nike contract is that his shoes featured some customization only given by Nike to pro athletes in the Euro 2020, and that his latest boots also come with insignia.

In another Chelsea training session, Lukaku wore the first-gen Nike Phantom GT.

Lukaku could have an equipment only dealLukaku did not feature in any Nike ad since he left the Swoosh some years ago, and so it is possible that he has a "boots only" type of deal with Nike.

In fact, Lukaku seems to wear Nike only for performance products, while he wears lifestyle items of very many different brands.

Do you think Lukaku will rejoin Nike officially and appear in marketing campaigns of the Swoosh? Comment below.