Memphis Depay Wears Boots From 4 Brands In 1 Week

Update: Now Memphis Depay tested the boots of another brand - Adidas (the fourth brand within one week). He wore the Adidas X Speedflow Meteorite Pack soccer cleats in the training session on 11 August 2021.

Puma Ultra 1.3, Nike Mercurial Superfly 8, Under Armour Magnetico Pro SL & Adidas X Speedflow

Depay Trains in Adidas X Speedflow Soccer Cleats (Wednesday, August 11)

Update: Memphis Depay wore the red Under Armour Magnetico SL football boots in the Joan Gamper Trophy against Juventus yesterday night. On Saturday, Memphis Depay wore the latest Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 football boots (Motivation Pack) in training.

Depay Wears Red UA Magnetico SL In Match (Sunday, August 8)

Depay Trains In Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Motivation Pack Boots (Saturday, August 7)

FC Barcelona player Memphis Depay has been spotted with a new pair of football boots in training this week.

Depay has been without a boot sponsor since his contract with Under Armour ended. He has been lacing up in very many different boots from different brands since then and even asked fans which brand he should join.

100% Free Agent: Memphis Depay To Wear Euro 2020 Signature Boots Of Former Supplier Under Armour

Depay Trains in Blackout Puma Ultra 1.3 Soccer Cleats

Instead of his Under Armour Magnetico Pro, Depay laced up in a pair of total blackout Puma Ultra 1.3 2021-22 football boots.

Griezmann Trains in (Modified?) Blackout Puma Ultra Football Boots

Meanwhile, Griezmann laced up in blackout Puma Ultra football boots. They could be a prototype of the next-generation Puma Ultra 1.4 2022 soccer cleats but are more likely a slightly modified version of the 1.3 generation.

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