New Trend: Different Collars Authentic vs Replica Kits

In the 2021-2022 season, the authentic shirts worn by players are more different to the replica jerseys than anytime before, certainly.

2021-22 Kit Collars - Authentic vs Replica

As spotted by @Jerseyforum, the authentic and replica kits come with quite different collars for some teams.

Nike's collars are practically the same for both versionsIs Puma's 21-22 Kit Collar Too Wide?

For Puma, the collars of their authentic and replica jerseys are heavily different. The Player Issue jerseys come without a real collar at all, while the replica has a usual collar construction.

Mexican club Chivas has the most insane replica collar - the tricolor flag design is cheaply printed on it.

Adidas' authentic and replica kits have more or less the same collars for European teams. For some like Manchester United, important detailing is missing for the replica.

For the Adidas MLS teams, the authentic and replica kits are very, very different. This not only applies to many of the collars but also for the kits in general.

Adidas MLS 2021 Authentic vs Replica Kits - Horrible For Some Teams

For Nike, the collars are practically the same in the 2021-22 season.

Replica Manchester United 21-22 Home Kit Lacks Important Design Elements

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