Puma Dortmund, Manchester City & Milan Street Soccer Kits Leaked

Update: Pictures of three Puma Street Soccer jerseys were leaked. The Puma Street Soccer jersey are inspired by the 1990s. They are called "Street Soccer" and lifestyle products only, meaning they won't be worn in official matches.

Puma might also release a Street Soccer jersey for Marseille and possibly also other teams. Stay tuned as we get more info.

Puma Street Soccer was a football video game released for PS1 in 1999Puma Street Soccer was a football video game for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 1, released by Sunsoft in 1999. The game takes place on the street, airports, etc.

Puma Dortmund, Man City, Marseille and Milan BALR 20-21 Kits Released

Last year, Puma released a special BALR jersey for Borussia Dortmund and three other top clubs. The Street Soccer jersey continues this series - it is also only a lifestyle jersey and won't be worn in an official match.

Puma 2021 Street Soccer Shirts - BVB, Man City & Milan

The Puma Dortmund, Man City, and Milan 2021 Street Soccer jerseys have bold looks inspired by the 1990s.

Borussia Dortmund Street Soccer Shirt

The Puma Dortmund 2021 Street Soccer jersey has a bold look inspired by the 1990s.

Puma Dortmund Street Soccer Kit Leaked

FC 2021-2022 Street Soccer Shirt

The Puma Manchester City 2021-2022 Street Soccer shirt boasts a 1990s-inspired look. The Puma Man City 21-22 Street Soccer football shirt features a "tie-dye" base in sky blue, combined with navy for logos and applications.

Manchester City 21-22 Street Soccer Kit Leaked

Milan 2021-2022 Street Soccer Kit

The Puma Milan 2021-22 Street Soccer football shirt has a stylish approach in Milan's black and red colors. It is mainly black with three vertical red stripes that include one larger red center stripe.

Milan 21-22 Street Soccer Kit Leaked

The Puma Street Soccer jerseys will launch in late 2021.

Puma Dortmund 2020 BALR Kit Released

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