Puma Sells 21-22 Kits Much Cheaper In Turkey

Ahead of the 2021-2022 season, Turkish club Fenerbahce made the switch from Adidas to Puma. The team has received bespoke jerseys that are available for a really good price.

Puma Fenerbahçe 2021-2022 Kits Just Cost 30 Euro

The Puma Fenerbahçe 21-22 kits are available for 319 Turkish lira, which equals just 31,42 Euro. The same Puma Fenerbahçe 21-22 kits cost you 90 Euro in Puma's global online store.

Puma's 21-22 kits just cost 55 Euro instead of 90 in TurkeyOf course, people in Turkey do not earn as much as in other countries - In 2021, Turkey raised its minimum wage by 21.56% gross, for a monthly net wage of 2825 Turkish lira ($376.71).

Puma's 21-22 kits have been a success so far, as visible in the Fenerium online store - 75,000 shirts were sold according to the website.

Fenerbahce's 21-22 kit costs you 90 Euro in GermanyLast year, Fenerbahce was selling a replica brandless version of its Adidas 20-21 home kit for just around 20 Euro. There is no unbranded Puma Fenerbahce jersey available.

European Puma 21-22 Kits Much Cheaper In Puma's Official Turkish Store

What is even more interesting is that the 2021-22 kits of Puma's big European teams are also much cheaper in Puma's Turkish online store - the BVB and Man City kits retail at 549 Turkish lira (equals 54 Euro). They usually cost you 90 Euro.

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