Prediction: Rayados 21-22 Third Kit

Update: Mexican store Innovasport have started selling a t-shirt from the Rayados 2021-22 third range, further confirming the design. The exact colorway of the match shirt still remains to be seen.

We can give you an impression of how the innovative new Rayados third kit will look like. It is made by Puma and will be worn in the 2021-2022 Liga MX.

Our leak is based on two leaked Rayados 21-22 Puma third shirt products. The final design & colors could be identical but also quite different.

Club de Futbol Monterrey Rayados 21-22 Third Kit (Prediction)

This is our prediction of the Rayados 2021-22 third shirt, made by Puma.

Based on the streamlined Puma 21-22 third template, the Puma Club Rayados 21-22 third jersey boasts the lettering Rayados instead of the team name.

The Puma Rayados 21-22 third jersey will likely be predominantly dark navy, combined with white applications.


As is tradition, the Rayados 21-22 third jersey is set to be unveiled in early January.

Made by Puma. Do you like Club de Futbol Monterrey Rayados' third shirt? Comment below.