Milan 21-22 Street Soccer Kit Leaked

A.C. Milan's new 2021-2022 Street Soccer shirt was leaked via Ofoball. It is made by Puma.

The new Milan 21-22 Street Soccer kit won't be worn in an official match.

Milan 2021-2022 Street Soccer Kit

This is the ACM 2021-2022 Street Soccer football shirt, made by Puma.

The Puma Milan 2021-22 Street Soccer football shirt has a stylish approach in Milan's black and red colors. It is mainly black with three vertical red stripes that include one larger red center stripe.

The Puma ACM 2021-2022 Street Soccer shirt comes with an all-black Milan crest and the black lettering 'Street Soccer'. On the lower left is a special 'Street Soccer label.

The Puma A.C. Milan 21-22 Street Soccer shirt costs you 80 Euro, set to be available from late 2021/early 2021.

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