Revealed: Here's the Real Inspiration Behind Puma's 21-22 Third Kits

People have been slamming Puma's 21-22 third kits left and right, with Dortmund probably being the standout. It was criticized so much that the club and Puma went as far as altering its design and delaying the release.

Puma 21-22 Third Kits Released

But as we'll show in this post, Dortmund's could well be the single most sensible out of the range, with a classic inspiration that might have just inspired the whole collection. And yes, it looks like this version of the Dortmund 21-22 cup kit will be released shortly, considering the fact that brand-new pictures of it have just appeared online.

Borussia Dortmund 21-22 Cup Kit Leaked

Looking back at Dortmund's kit history, there is a very interesting entry for the 1975-76 season, featuring pretty much the same style of "BVB 09" text across the chest as can be seen on the new cup kit.

Made by Adidas, the 1975-76 Dortmund shirt has a yellow base color that's combined with black for the collar, 3 Stripes and cuffs. The shorts are black and the socks match the shirt.

Remake by Retrofootball

What do you think the inspiration for the Dortmund 2021-22 cup kit and possibly the entire Puma third kit collection? Comment below.