22-23 Kits to Be Released Earlier Than Usual?

Next season's 2022-2023 football kits could be released a bit earlier than we are used to, we can leak.

Exclusive: Bayern München 22-23 Home Kit To Feature Black Adidas Logo

In 2022, the World Cup will take place for the first time in November/December. Therefore, the international football calendar will be different to other seasons.

First 2022-23 Kits to Be Released In Late April / Early May 2022?

For example, the 21-22 Bundesliga season will already finish on May 14, 2022. Some clubs will already release their 22-23 kits in their last home match of the season - for Bayern, this means their 22-23 home kit will come out already around May 5th, 2022.

Bayern will debut their 22-23 home kit on May 7 likelyThe 2021-22 Premier League season will finish on May 22, 2022. The Premier League is expected to start a week earlier in the 22-23 season - potentially Saturday, August 6, 2022. We expect several Premier League teams like Chelsea to launch their 2021-22 home kit in mid-May 2022.

Liverpool & Tottenham 22-23 Kits Leaked

What is even more interesting is that many Nike kits for the 2022-23 season have "1. 4. 2022" (1 April 2022) as "launch date" in internal Nike data. While this does not mean these kits will be released on 1 April 2022, it means that they will come out in April/May/June 2022.

Nike have 1.4.2022 as date for many 22-23 kitsBefore Nike took over the Liverpool deal from New Balance, Liverpool were the team who released their kit as the first team worldwide traditionally. Their 2019-20 home kit was already launched on 18 April 2019.

2022 World Cup Kits To Be Released Later Than Usual

In contrast to the club kits, the international kits will be released much later than in the past. All Adidas, Nike and Puma wn't release their Qatar 2022 World Cup kits before the end of summer 2022 probably.

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