3 New Italy FA Logo Kit Concepts

Since this month, the Italian Football Federation (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio, FIGC) has a new logo. It will be solely used for the institution and not the national team - concept kit designers nevertheless created some fantastic concepts with it.

Most fans are happy the new logo won't be used for their kits

Italy Concept Jerseys With New Logo Of FIGC

The three concept kits show off that the new logo of the FIGC could look great on kits - it can be not only used in the standard colorway but also works great in monochrome gold, for example.

Italy's new logo is quite genericA downside of the logo is that it is very generic and could be easily converted to another country. Only the colors and text is specific to Italy.

New Italy FA Logo Unveiled

Concept by @ctf_kits

Concept by burakov2110

Kappa Concept by ICKits

You can create your own Italy concept kit using FIFA Kit Creator

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