16 Puma Teams to Get Ultraweave Kit in 22-23 Season?

Update: Not a single Puma jersey has been leaked yet for the 22-23 season. However, it seems pretty sure that all of Puma's best teams will share the template of the 22-23 kits - the new Ultraweave template.

Rather small teams like Lens, Kiel and Fürth won't get a custom Ultraweave kit in their first season pretty certainly. In total, we expect 16 teams to have a Ultraweave jersey for the 22-23 season. Some might have their first one only in early 2023.

Puma month launched their all-new innovative football kit in October 2021, called Ultraweave. It was previewed on the Italy Euro 2020 kit - and thanks to French football equipment specialists Footpack, we learn which teams will get it in the 2022-23 season.

Every Club Attached to Puma Global to Receive Ultraweave Kit Set

The Puma Ultraweave football kit will be used by "every club attached to Puma Global", it has been revealed by Puma Teamsport Apparel Designer Jacob. As he did only mention French clubs Marseille and Stade Rennais, we tried to create a list of Puma teams that will use Ultraweave next season.

16 teams could get Ultraweave kits directly from Puma in 22-23We think 16 teams will get the "Ultraweave treatment" next season - AC Milan, BVB, Manchester City, Valencia, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Olympique Marseille, Stade Rennais, Shakhtar Donetsk, Fenerbahçe, Krasnodar, Club Libertad, Independiente, PSV Eindhoven, Chivas, and Rayados.

Puma BVB 22-23 Home Kit Based On Ultraweave Template

Teams like Lens, Fürth, and Girona won't get (custom) Ultraweave kits in 22-23Teams that certainly won't get a custom Ultraweave kit next season are, for example, RC Lens, Greuther Fürth, SC Amiens, Bursaspor, Girona, and Malmö.

What is also very important to know is that Ultraweave is not exclusive to home kits - "all of Puma's “global” teams will wear an Ultraweave jersey on their Home, Away, Third, and goalkeeper shirts next season".

Jakob also admitted that "We have made mistakes in the past, we have opened up our technologies to too many clubs which has sometimes led to production problems etc". Switzerland's kit ripped like paper in the UEFA Euro 2016, for example.

Replica kits could be more different from the authentic ones than beforeIt will be also interesting to see how much different the authentic and replica kits from Puma will be in the 2022-23 season. It seems possible that all authentic Ultraweave kits will have the same collar design but we can't imagine all replica kits to have the same collars.

All-New Puma Italy Ultraweave vs 2020 Authentic Kit

All-New Puma Italy Ultraweave vs 2020 Authentic Kit

Puma Team Final 22 Jersey - Puma's Ultraweave Soccer Jersey as Teamwear Kit - Launch in Early 2022

The new Puma Team Final 22 jersey is Puma's teamwear Ultraweave football kit.

Puma Ultraweave Teamwear Kit Leaked

Puma released the Ultraweave jersey as a teamwear option, and that already in January 2022 - so small teams can wear Puma's best kits before their biggest clubs.

Puma's Pyramid Of Football Kit Sponsorship - 7 Elite Teams

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