Dortmund 22-23 Cup Kit Leaked

Update: We can today give you an exclusive full look at the Borussia Dortmund 22-23 Cup kit, which is inspired by the 1989-90 DFB Pokal Final jersey.

BVB's 22-23 Cup kit ditches the fluo-yellow color and features a regular-sized club logo, following last year's debacle.

Borussia Dortmund 22-23 Cup Kit

The BVB 22-23 cup kit is inspired by the 1989-90 DFB Pokal final shirt.

The BVB 22-23 Cup kit is inspired by the Adidas BVB 1989-90 DFB Pokal final kit. It features a similar Three Stripes design on the top as the classic jersey. Of course, it is not three equally-sized Three Stripes as those are a registered trademark of Adidas.

The stripes on the left side of the Dortmund 2022-23 Cup shirt are placed further up compared to those on the right side, where the outmost black stripe continues up to just below the Puma logo.

The rest of the design is also similar to its retro inspiration, namely it features a black crew-neck collar. The trademarked Adidas stripes are of course not present on this Puma "remake".

In terms of colors, the Puma Dortmund 2022-23 Cup football shirt ditches the striking yellow color of the 21-22 Cup jersey. Instead, the Puma Dortmund 22-23 Cup jersey features the club's usual Puma color - Cyber Yellow. Cyber Yellow is also used for the BVB 22-23 Bundesliga home kit.

Indeed, all of Puma's recent Dortmund Cup jerseys featured Cyber Yellow as the main color - only the 21-22 Cup shirt had the "Safety Yellow" main color.

Template-wise, the Puma BVB 22-23 Cup football shirt is based on Puma's Ultraweave model, just like all other shirts for next season as well as the World Cup.

The Puma Dortmund 2022-2023 Cup jersey is set to be available to buy from July 2022.

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