Italy 2021 'Ultraweave' Kit Released

Updated with more pictures as the Puma Italy Ultraweave jersey went on sale this morning, retailing at £130.

Puma and the Italian national team just unveiled a brand-new home kit, which will be worn in the upcoming National League matches starting with tomorrow's semi-final against Spain.

Italy 2021 Ultraweave Jersey

Check out the Italy 2021 Ultraweave shirt below.

Italy's 2021 'Ultraweave' jersey features a design very similar to the Euro 2020 home shirt, based on a new shirt technology by Puma that's called Ultraweave.

Italy Euro 2020 Home Kit Released

Ultraweave shirts weigh in at just 72 grams (2.54 oz) and are the results of several years of development and testing from Puma. The reduction in weight was made possible thanks to minimising the number of seams used across the jersey.

This is not Italy's 2022 World Cup jersey, but it's likely that we'll see the new Ultraweave tech rolled out across all of the brand's teams for the tournament.

Italy's 2021 Ultraweave jersey will be used exclusively for the two National League matches, as well as by the women's team in late October.

The Italy 2021 Ultraweave jersey will be available from October 6.

New Italy FA Logo Unveiled

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