Puma Ultraweave Teamwear Kit Leaked

Update: We can leak the new Puma Ultraweave teamwear jersey for 2022. It features Puma "Ultraweave" engineering but is not called "Ultraweave" - instead, it is called "Puma Team Final".

At the start of this month, Puma released their innovative new Ultraweave football kit. The Big Cat will roll out the innovative template for everyone in less than three months. This is quite unexpected as it usually takes longer for a new football kit template to be rolled out to the public.

In Depth: Puma Ultraweave Kit Technology - To Be Used By All Puma Elite Teams

Puma Team Final 22 Jersey - Puma's Ultraweave Soccer Jersey as Teamwear Kit - Launch in Early 2022

The new Puma Team Final 22 jersey is Puma's teamwear Ultraweave football kit.

The new Puma Team Final 2022 kit has a modern look that combines two similar colors with either white or black Puma logos.

Puma offer the Team Final 22 kit in six colorways: Puma Red/Rio Red, Electric Blue Lemonade/ Limoges, Puma Black/Phantom Black, Puma White/Nimbus Cloud, Peacoat/Puma New Navy & Cyber Yellow/ Freesia.

All-New Puma Italy Ultraweave vs 2020 Authentic Kit

The new Puma Ultraweave Team Final teamwear kit is exactly the same as the Ultraweave Italy jersey in terms of tech.

Puma Team Final 2022 Teamwear Jersey - Tech Details

  • - Puma's teamwear jersey with Ultraweave technology
  • Weights in at just 72 grams (2.54 oz)
  • Woven fabric with 4-way engineered mechanical stretch and 2-dimensional ripstop
  • Just two main panels instead of eight
  • Colorways: 6
  • Price: 60 USD
  • Release Date: January 2022

The Team Final 2022, the teamwear version of the Puma Ultraweave soccer jersey, will cost you 60 USD. It will be available in six colorways from January 2022.

What do you think of the Team Final kit? Do you like that Puma releases the Ultraweave jersey as a teamwear kit already in January 2022? Comment below.