River Plate to Sign Puma Kit Deal?

In June 2021, we reported that Puma could take over the River Plate deal from Adidas. Now famous Argentinian sports newspaper Olé has brought an update on the future of River's kit maker.

Adidas have the right to match any offerThe current Adidas River Plate ends at the end of 2021. As part of the agreement, River Plate were only allowed to receive formal offers from July 1st 2021 and, more importantly, Adidas have reserved the right to match any offer. Adidas can match the offer of any competitor and continue sponsoring the club.

Puma Have Made An Official Offer to River Plate

According to Olé, Puma made an official offer that exceeds the sum currently paid by Adidas by around 30%. Adidas pay River US $ 1.8 million/year but River also get the income from royalties, about 12% of the sales.

River is the brand's third-longest relationship, only surpassed by Bayern & GermanyOlé provided further info on why it seems unlikely that Adidas will lose River - Adidas have the possibility of matching any offer before November 1 and even proposing a higher amount until December 31 in order to secure the extension with River.

Adidas are optimistic in maintaining their relationship with the Núñez club: they are betting to compensate the figure proposed by the competition by adjusting, for example, the royalty percentages.

Concept by FutbolClub, created with FIFA Kit Creator

Adidas' River partnership has been valid since 1982. It is the brand's third-longest relationship after the one he has with the German national team and with Bayern.

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