Nike Are Losing The Dominance In Football

In early 2021, we reported that Nike have not extended the contracts with a ton of important footballers as part of their new strategy. Now statistics from Football Boots DB and French specialists Footpack reveal that Nike could soon lose their first place as boot supplier for professionals.

Nike's share in Ligue 1 - 2017-2021 (21-22 season: Starting XIs)

Nike Continue To Lose Footballers

Over the past five years, Nike did not extend the boot contracts lost dozens of Premier League players. The Swoosh did not only lose a few high-profile players like Sterling, Kyle Walker, Thiago, Willian, Ederson, and Lacazette but also many lesser-known footballers.

Puma have more than doubled their share in every top leagueThis can be seen in the overall stats. In the 2016-17 season, Nike supplied 57% of all Premier League players. In the 2021-22 season, Nike have fallen to 47%. Meanwhile, Adidas now make the boots for 40% (five years ago: 35%), while Puma have more than doubled their share (4.5% to 10%).

This trend can be observed in all other top leagues. The Bundesliga is the last league in which Nike make the boots for more than 50% of all players.

The space that is left by Nike is mainly filled by one brand - Puma. The 'small of the Big 3' have more than doubled their share in every top league in the past five years - from around 5% to up to 14% (Bundesliga).

If the trend continues, it seems only a matter of time until Nike lose their supremacy to another brand in one of the top leagues like the Premier League.

In fact, in France's Ligue 1 Adidas are very close to becoming the leading brand. Adidas supply 42.7%, Nike 44.6% (five years ago: Adidas: 42% ; Nike: 56%). Puma managed to almost tenfold their share (1.3% to 11.5%).

A recent study of French equipment specialists Footpack reveals that Nike have already fallen behind Adidas in Ligue 1 in the 21-22 season when taking the Stating XIs into account only. Nike make the boots for 32% of the starting XIs, while Adidas supply almost 45%. Puma come third with 21%.

All small brands together account for 2-3% of all playersThe small brands did still not gain presence significantly. New Balance, Umbro, Mizuno, and the others account for 2-3% of all players.

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