No Extra Cost: Puma Store In Berlin Offer To Add Dortmund Logo On Any Purchased Third Kit

In a move to appease the fans of Die Borussen, the Berlin Puma store will now start to add the crest of the club on any third shirt purchase upon request.

Dortmund Fans To Be Able To Have Club Logo On Third Shirt

It seems the backlash at Dortmund has prompted Puma to finally respond before things get out of hand.

Third kit design for Puma clubs has been a disaster. The over-simplistic approach certainly did not go well with the fans as well as general football kit lovers.

This was particularly a big issue at Borussia Dortmund as the anger from fans caused Puma to delay the release of the club's third shirt to change the design. This saw the return of the crest, but only for the players.

Dortmund Change 21-22 Puma Kit Again

Now, a Puma store in Berlin has made it possible for the fans of Dortmund to add the logo to their purchase of the jersey, with no extra cost.

While this is all well and good, it opens up a troubling precedent for Puma. They have not changed the design for the other clubs sponsored by them, and the fans there are equally vocal of their criticism of the design.

So far, there is no report of actions from other clubs yet. Even if Puma apply the same approach with Dortmund, it is still hard to imagine the sales of these third shirts being boosted.

What do you think of Puma's decision to allow Dortmund fans to add the club's crest on the third shirt? Comment below.