Atlético Mineiro Manto Da Massa Voted Best Football Kit of 2021

Update: The Le Coq Sportif Atlético Mineiro 2021 Manto Da Massa has clearly won the vote for the best football kit of 2021. Ajax's 21-22 away kit comes second, Venezia's 21-22 home kit third. Thanks to all who participated in the vote, and let us hope for a great 2022 in terms of kits.

Top 3 Kits of 2021



We are approaching the end of 2021 and it's time to take a look back at this year's best kits. And not only that - we let you vote for the best football kit of 2021.

Best Kit Of 2021

12 jerseys have made it into the final selection for the best jersey of the year. The monthly winners of the Footy Headlines Kit Awards as well as the special Le Coq Sportif Manto Da Massa.

Club América 2021 Third Jersey

Winning the January best kit vote was Club América's 2021 third jersey. It is white and black with a bespoke design inspired by traditional Aztec art.

Club América and Nike have been quite expressive with their kit design in recent years. They never fail to deliver, as well.

Club America 2021 Third Kit Released

AIK Nike 2021 130th Anniversary Jersey

Crowning the best kit of February was the Nike AIK 2021 130th anniversary shirt. Featuring a classic combination of a black base with a touch of gold, the shirt is simple, yet definitely an effective design.

The crest is placed at the centre, flanked by V-shape fine lines while the AIK's foundation year of '1891' sit on the opposite side of the Nike swoosh.

AIK 2021 130th Anniversary Kit In Action - Amazing Tracksuit Top

Germany Adidas EURO 2020 Away Jersey

Blackout design is almost guaranteed a place in the heart of any kit enthusiast. The Adidas Germany EURO 2020 away shirt definitely is one of our favourites.

It is entirely black with the exception of the cuffs which have the Germany flag colours of black, red and yellow. The Germany flag is also presented in the back.

A shame the numbers and player's name could not be blacked out due to regulation, but the DFB later released a limited-edition batches of printed authentic shirts for those who love such looks.

Limited Edition Germany Blacked-Out Away Shirt Released

Dortmund Puma 2020-2021 'Neongelb' Special Shirt

The Puma Borussia Dortmund 20-21 special-edition football shirt is predominantly black with "Neongelb" (neon yellow) sleeves, inspired by the iconic 1990s Nike kits, and an all-over print on the front that depicts various legends from the club's rich history.

1990s-Inspired Borussia Dortmund 20-21 Limited-Edition Kit Released

Adidas Japan 100th Anniversary Jersey

If there was a competition for cleanest looking football shirt, the Adidas Japan 100th Anniversary football shirt would surely be a tough contender, along with Germany's EURO 2020 away. But it did win our May 2021 edition of best kit vote.

The Japan 100th Anniversary shirt has a bespoke design in light blue with white accents in the form of the collar and sleeve cuffs.

Adidas Japan 100th Anniversary Kit Released - Now Available at Kitbag

FC Porto 21-22 Away Kit

Inspired by the vibrancy and tradition of Porto, the club's 21-22 away kit is dark blue with metallic-gold logos and a retro-inspired graphic across the front.

The hard-to-beat colour combination and retro pattern are what make this shirt stand out.

FC Porto 21-22 Away Kit Revealed

Venezia 21-22 Home Jersey

Kappa replaced Nike as Venezia secured their Serie A promotion and what a spectacular entrance that they've made for the club.

The Kappa Venezia 2021-22 home football shirt is mainly black, combined with Venezia's other famous colours for detailing - green and orange, and golden logos.

The design includes multiple element of the city monuments that create a fashionable look that is not usually seen in football kits. Moreover, there's no sponsor at the centre but, instead, just the name of the club.

Kappa Venezia 21-22 Serie A Home Kit Released - No More Nike

Ajax 21-22 Third Kit

The Ajax 21-22 third jersey is mainly black with a v-collar. The Rastafari colours red, green, and gold are used for the 3 Stripes, which are placed on the shoulders of the Adidas Ajax 2021-2022 third kit, as well as the sleeve cuffs.

This is Ajax's most successful kit launch ever as the shirt is sold out everywhere. Rightfully, this was the winner of our August best kit competition.

Adidas Ajax 21-22 3rd Kit Sold Out Everywhere - Most Popular Ajax Jersey Ever

Bayern Munich 21-22 Oktoberfest Shirt

As usual, Bayern release a special shirt for the annual Oktoberfest. This year, the Adidas FC Bayern 2021-2022 Oktoberfest shirt is predominantly dark green with metallic-gold brandings and accents.

Design wise, this is a very simple shirt, but the execution of the colours combination is undeniably classy.

Bayern Munich 21-22 Oktoberfest Kit Released

Venezia 2021-22 Fourth Jersey

Proof of a perfect partnership, this is the second entry of Kappa and Venezia in our list.

The Kappa Venezia 21-22 fourth jersey has a design inspired by the "Stendardo di San Marco" - the flag of Venice. It is mainly red with black sleeves and gold logos.

Venezia 21-22 Fourth Kit Revealed

Le Coq Sportif Atlético Mineiro 2021-2022 'Manto Da Massa 113' Shirt

The special Le Coq Sportif Manto Da Massa (Shirt of the Masses) was designed by club supporter Lucas Adriano. It is the result of a competition celebrating the club’s 113th year and one of the most in-demand jerseys in the world.

Incredible Fan-desiged Atlético Mineiro 21-22 'Manto Da Massa 113' Kit Released

Iraq 2021-22 Third Kit

The Umbro Iraq 2021-22 third football shirt is black and gold.

What makes the kit great is a special pattern featuring ancient Mesopotamian symbols. It won the November 2021 kit award.

Iraq 21-22 Third Kit Unveiled

Which was the best football kit of 2021? Comment below.