Marseille Play in Old Puma Teamwear

In yesterday's Coupe de France match between Olympique Marseille and Cannet Rocheville, the home side did not wear their regular home shirts. Instead, OM played in basic white Puma teamwear jerseys.

Marseille Wear Old Puma Teamwear

Many users on Twitter were quick to point out that Marseille were wearing the same shirt that Amiens had for the 2019-20 season. They were completely correct, as OM's kits were based on the Puma CUP Core teamwear jerseys, just as Amiens' were.

This is in many ways an unprecedented occurance. Marseille is one of Puma's main customers, having recently extended their deal until 2028.

Marseille Extend Partnership With Puma Until 2028

To make matters worse, the teamwear OM were given is not even remotely new. Called Puma CUP Core, it was used frequently in the 2019-20 season among smaller Puma teams.

These include not just Amiens SC, but also many clubs from Germany's 2nd and 3rd divisions, such as SV Sandhausen, Hallescher FC, Carl-Zeiss Jena and Viktoria Köln.

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At the time, there was a lot of criticism towards Puma due to the repetitiveness of their teamwear efforts. Now, two years later, we see the return of the infamous Puma CUP Core teamwear template.

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Ironically, the name of the teamwear jersey (CUP Core) fits perfectly with the competition it was worn in (French cup).

The Coupe de France Has Some Insane Kit Rules

We think the reason behind Marseille wearing standard Puma teamwear may be due to the strict kit rules in the Coupe de France, however, the guidelines should allow them to wear their normal home shirt.

The most likely reason is that Puma are trying to promote their teamwear for amateur teams, since OM also wore teamwear in the cup last season.

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