OGC Nice Cover Up Puma Logo on Makeshift GK Kit - Puma Teamwear Instead of Macron

Last weekend, keen-eyed viewers found something odd about OGC Nice's goalkeeper. He was not wearing one of the club's usual Macron goalkeeper kits, but a makeshift one.

Makeshift OGC Nice GK Shirt - Based on Puma Teamwear

Yesterday, playing away against Stade Rennes, OGC Nice goalkeeper Walter Benítez wore a yellow makeshift jersey instead of the usual one provided by Macron.

It turns out the replacement is based on the Puma Cup GK teamwear jersey. In order to avoid any issues with regular kit supplier Macron, Nice decided to cover up the Puma logo with their own club badge.

The makeshift GK kit is based on the Puma Cup GK teamwear jersey

This lead to there being two club crests placed on the GK shirt's chest area.

We think the reason for this makeshift, D.I.Y. effort might be delays regarding the delivery of Macron's supplies for OGC Nice. There do not seem to be any other apparant reasons, such as a color clash that had to be avoided.

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