Marco Reus Switches To Puma Ultra 1.3 - Went Back To Future 5.1 At Half-time

For quite a while now, Borussia Dortmund's veteran Marco Reus has been playing in his old Puma Future 5.1. In a recent picture, however, he was spotted wearing the new Ultra 1.3. Thanks to Understuds for the photos. Reus has also debuted his new boots against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Marco Reus Temporarily Switched To The New Puma Ultra 1.3

It takes quite a while for the German forward to finally switch, though we are unsure if this will be a permanent thing.

Playing against, Eintracht Frankfurt, Reus was spotted finally wearing the new Puma Ultra 1.3. However, this only lasted 45 minutes as the captain of Borussia Dortmund was seen back with his trusted Future 5.1 in the second half.

Prior to match, Reus was pictured practicing with the Puma Ultra 1.3 'Under the Light' colourway.

It wouldn't be the first time Reus play in the Ultra 1.3 as he was seen training in the launch colourway during pre-season. But in matches, he returns to his trusted tools.

Reus has been quite a fan of the old Future 5.1, sticking to the Peach/Yellow colourway one for most of 2021. Whenever he plays in them, they are always without laces.

Despite briefly wearing the then newly launched Future Z, also without laces, Reus went back to his beloved 5.1 a few matches later.

Do you think Reus will eventually wear the Ultra 1.3 in the upcoming matches? Comment below.