Milan 22-23 Home, Away & Third Kit Info Leaked

With the second half of the 2021-22 season ahead of us, let's recap what we know about the AC Milan 22-23 home, away and third kits.

This post is an overview over the information that got leaked previously, specifically between late October and late November of 2021.

Milan 22-23 Home Kit

The Puma Milan 2022-23 home football shirt combines "Puma Black/Tango Red". It is the same colors as last season, just with Puma Black now the main and Tango Red the secondary color.

Milan 22-23 Home Kit Info Leaked - Identical to Manchester City 22-23 Away Kit

Milan 22-23 Away Kit

The Puma AC Milan 2022-2023 away football shirt will combine a white base with 'tango red' accents and trim, bringing back what is by far the most iconic AC Milan alternative colorway.

LEAKED: AC Milan 22-23 Away Kit to Bring Back Classic Color Combo

Milan 22-23 Third Kit

The Puma A.C. Milan 22-23 third football shirt introduces an interesting color combo - the Puma Milan 22-23 third shirt combines two shades of Camo green. Officially, the colors are "Dark Green Moss/Spring Moss".

Leaked: Milan 22-23 Third Kit to Feature "Camo" Colors

What do you think of what we know about the the AC Milan 2022-23 home, away and third kits so far? Comment below.