More Brilliant Concept Designs for Dortmund 23-24 Home Kit Contest

With the deadline for submitting Borussia Dortmund 23-24 home kit designs right around the corner, we have been taking a look at what fans and designers are coming up with.

Today, we want to look at submissions from Liam (@McLiamson), who took the liberty of creating multiple interesting BVB concepts.


Concept Designs for Dortmund 23-24 Home Shirt

Similar to @breitesnebraska, Liam created 20 unique Dortmund concept designs for the kit contest, each with various inspirations.

Some of the first designs on the list lean into jagged-looking diagonal stripes, with the kit on the right slightly resembling the Bavarian pattern that features on Bayern Munich's crest. For this reason alone, this pattern would porbably not be popular amongst BVB fans.

If we look further, we start to see some lightning-inspired graphics on the jerseys. A kit such as these would certainly be something new for Borussia Dortmund's home shirts as well as for Puma, since they feature some white.

The next designs display different types of stripes, with the left one applying a thick Ajax-esque block of black through the front of the shirt. This would be by far the most black to feature on a Dortmund home kit in some time.

The other two concepts utilize more stripes, one in a diagonal fashion and the other in a more classic manner.

The last designs are all about more subtle graphic patterns. All three present different variants of a parallelogram pattern, with the right design creating vertical stripes through darker and lighter shading.

What do you think of these concept designs? Are there any that you would vote for? Comment below.