Next-Gen Nike Zoom Mercurial, Adidas Copa & Many More Spotted

The last few months have seen plenty of players training in mysterious black boots provided by the brands. If you're a fan of boots spotting, you'll love these.

All Recently Spotted Football Boots Prototypes

Adidas Predator Edge

Probably the most photographed prototype out there at the moment.

The adidas Predator Edge were seen on the feet of the likes of Aaron Ramsdale, Jude Bellingham or Mikel Merino just to name a few.

Adidas Players Train In Next-Gen Adidas Predator Edge

So much so that we've had a pretty good idea of what the boots look like even before proper leak of the next-gen Adidas Predator Edge come out..

All Leaked Next-Gen Adidas Predator Edge Boots

All-New Next-Gen Zoom Mercurial?

This one is much more recent. Kylian Mbappé was spotted wearing blackout boots in PSG training this week.

Here is your first look at what in all likelihood is the next generation of the Nike Mercurial. Interestingly, the pair Mbappe wearing looks different to the recently leaked photos.

'Chlorine Blue' Nike Mercurial 2022 Boots Leaked - All-New Visual Design

Mbappé Wears Mystery Blackout Boots | All-New Next-Gen Zoom Mercurial?

Puma Future Z 2022

The next generation of Puma Future Z has been spotted on the feet of Leicester's James Madison and PSG's Neymar.

The formula seem to stay the same, although the forefoot has seen quite a makeover with raised pattern that look similar to the adidas Predator, although they are not rubber elements.

You can check out more info of the Future Z launch colourway here.

Next-Gen Puma Future Z 2022 Launch Boots Leaked

Next-Gen Nike Phantom GT 3 Elite Boots

The Prototype of the Nike Phantom GT 3 were not spotted on a high profile player. It was Inter's Roberto Gagliardini that trained in them.

Perhaps to make up for the lacklustre release of the second generation, Nike has done extensive work with the third one.

The next-gen Nike Phantom GT 3 Elite soccer cleats are very, very different from the current generation. It boasts three very interesting elements - the upper texture, a lace cover as well as a very interesting sole / external heel counter.

World's First Look: All-New Next-Gen Nike Phantom GT 3 Boots Spotted in Inter Training

Next-Gen New Balance Tekela

Jack Wilshere returns to Arsenal, although just for training whilst he's still a free agent. With him were the prototype of the next-gen New Balance Tekela.

A higher collar and raised texture on the upper a couple of change that are noticeable. The latter look quite similar to the strike zone found on the Nike Phantom VNM, though the placement is not.

Mysterious Prototype. Possibly Under Armour

Memphis Depay's boots situation has been an intriguing case for a long time. With his contract with New Balance ran its' course, the Barca forward was seen constantly switching cleats.

Memphis Depay Wears Boots From 4 Brands In 1 Week

The blacked out prototypes on his feet recently are hard to decide which brand they are. But it is possible that they are Under Armour's upcoming football boots.

Arthur Shows Off Next-Gen Adidas Copa

This has been quite a while, and there's no further pic since.

Juventus midfielder Arthur was spotted holding a pair of next-gen Copa. In contrast to usual prototypes, the boots shown off by Arthur are not totally blackout. Instead, they boast a remarkable look on black, orange and white.

Juventus' Arthur Shows Off Insane Next-Gen Adidas Copa 2022 Prototype Boots

What do you think of our prototypes list? Let us know which you are most anticipated down below.