Puma Have Had to Replicate Under Armour's Boots For Memphis Depay

Depay officially joined Puma yesterday. However, he will not wear boots available for the public - Memphis Depay is wearing heavily modified Puma Ultra football boots. This can be seen thanks to close-ups from his comeback match after injury.

Memphis Depay Wears Boots From 4 Brands In 1 Week

Memphis Depay had been without a boot contract since April 2021 after his contract with Under Armour expired.

Puma Provide Depay With Heavily Modified Boots

Memphis Depay's have virtually nothing in common with the retail edition of the Ultra 1.4 despite the visual design. Instead, they are more or less identical to his Under Armour Magnetico Pro SL football boots.

Whereas the Puma Ultra 1.4 has an innovative lightweight MATRYXEVO microfiber, Memphis Depay's boots have a standard speed synthetic upper that evokes memories of old Mercurials of the 2000s.

Depay's modified "Puma Ultra" cleats also have an ultra-lightweight yet traditional tongue construction - the Puma Ultra 1.4 has a collar design with no traditional tongue.

The Puma Ultra Memphis Depay cleats are of course not available to buy - they are a one-off product exclusively made for the Dutch striker.

It is, however, not a problem with the quality of Puma's boots. Under Armour's Memphis Depay cleats were also never available to buy but exclusively made for the FC Barcelona striker. Depay seems to have very clear requirements for his on-pitch footwear.

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