Leaked: Milan 22-23 Home Kit to Feature "Odd" Stripes

The Milan 22-23 home kit could introduce a never-seen-before take on the club's classic red and black stripes, we can leak. Kit expert @hendocfc has made a prediction for it.

Milan 2022-23 Home Jersey Prediction

Similar to the BVB 22-23 home kit, the Puma Milan 2022-2023 comes with stripes that are classic at first glance. However, they do not go from the top to the bottom. Instead, they likely are not there at the top, and possibly also on the bottom.

Puma's 22-23 home kits are set to have a unified design languageIn fact, the Milan 22-23 home jersey has been described as "similar to the 2000-01 home kit". Milan's Adidas kit more than 20 years ago was also mainly black at the top.

2001-02 home vs 22-23 home mock-up

hendocfc says that his prediction "should be 75%-80% accurate". There will be of course slight differences to the final kit, but the overall design could be correct

Dortmund 22-23 Home Kit

Dortmund 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

Not every Puma 22-23 home kit will have stripesIndeed, Puma will have a unified design language for the 22-23 home kits certainly. Not all Puma 22-23 home kits will have stripes, but all could have a standout design element like a stripe or a geometric design.

One of our sources has seen two other Puma 22-23 home kits, which designs are also uncommonly interrupted. Stay tuned for pictures of these soon...

Milan 22-23 Home Kit to Look Similar to 00-01 Kit

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