Puma 2022 Thrill Pack Football Boots Leaked - Adidas, Nike and Puma Release White Boot Packs At The Same Time

Puma will soon launch their last soccer cleats collection of the season, the 'Thrill Pack'. It will be worn by all endorsed Puma athletes.

Adidas Diamond Edge Pack Released

Nike 'Progress Pack' 2022 Boots Collection Revealed

What will be quite odd is that most Adidas, Nike, and Puma players will be wearing white boots soon - all three big brands have released/release white boot collections for late Spring/early Summer 2022.

Puma Thrill Pack - White/Multicolor Future & Ultra Soccer Cleat Colorways

The new Puma Thrill Pack features the same streamlined designs for both silos - a white/black upper is combined with a multicolor rainbow-inspired outsole.

Tech-wise, the Puma Thrill Future, and Ultra football boots are the same as previous colorways. The Future is based on the 1.3 generation, while the Ultra is based on the 1.4 generation.

Puma Future 2022 'Thrill Pack' - White/Ocean Dive/Black

Puma's 'White/Ocean Dive/Black' Future Z boots have a clean and modern design. They are mainly white with black logos and a multicolor outsole.

Next-Gen Puma Future Z 2022 'Thrill Pack' Boots Leaked - Have Puma Copied Nike Flywire?

Puma Ultra 'Thrill Pack' - Puma White/Puma Black/Yellow Alert

The Puma Ultra 1.4 'Thrill Pack' soccer boots make a statement on the pitch. They combine a classic white/black upper with a striking multicolor outsole.

Puma Ultra 'Thrill Pack' 2022 Boots Leaked

The Puma Thrill Pack soccer cleats will be launched in May 2022 likely.

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