3 'Fixed' Dortmund 22-23 Home Kits

The new Puma Dortmund 2022-2023 home kit was released this week. It brings back the fans' popular black and yellow stripes - could some small changes make it better?

Dortmund 22-23 Home Kit Released

'Fixed' Puma Dortmund 22-23 Home Kit

Just as many Puma 22-23 kits, the black and yellow stripes are interrupted for the Dortmund 22-23 home kit. We have imagined how it would look with the stripes not interrupted.

What is surely not perfectly fitting for BVB's kit is the 1&1 sponsor logo. It would be better in a recolored version on BVB's kits.

When looking at the different versions, it becomes obvious that the black and white 1&1 sponsor logo is the actually unfavorable element of the BVB kit. The version that might looks best is the unchnaged Puma design with the sponsor in black and yellow, created by Franco Carabajal.

Stripes not interrupted

Black & Yellow sponsor by Franco Carabajal (@FrancooC07)

Black & Yellow sponsor and stripes not interrupted

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Which of the three 'fixed' versions of the Puma Dortmund 2022-2023 home kit is your favorite? Is any better than the official shirt? Let us know in the comments below.