4 Seasons with Puma: Manchester City Home Kit Evolution

Now that Manchester city's 22-23 home kit has been launched, we have seen four home shirt offerings from Puma since their partnership began in 2019. Here we take a look at how the design has changed from year to year.

Man City Puma Home Shirts

The photo above allows us to clearly see that the base colour has been tweaked slightly each year. Different accent colours, materials, templates and collars are some of the other noticeable differences. Let's take a look at each shirt in more detail.

19-20 Home Shirt

The first jersey of the Puma era and the big talking point was the use of purple. This touch of colour brought something novel to an otherwise very basic design. The same template was given to other Puma teams like Milan and Dortmund, as well as the likes of West Brom and Ingolstadt. The chalky shade of blue used here has not been seen since on City's home shirts. Even the "125 years" inscription under the badge could not have been played much safer.

20-21 Home Shirt

Puma's second season in charge provided something a bit more interesting. the "broken glass" effect divided opinion but at least City could claim to be the only team with this graphic. This standout feature meant the other elements such as the round neck collar and placement of badges and logos could be kept simple. Navy was used for the Puma and Etihad logos to contrast with the white overall pattern and the shade of blue was more vivid than the previous season. Definitely a step up in terms of individuality.

21-22 Home Shirt

Back to a very standard template design this season, with Man City wearing the same shirt as practically every other Puma-sponsored club. A lighter blue base colour featured a subtle pattern of a scoreboard-like font that was also used for player names and numbers in cup competitions. Once again, this pattern was present on the shirts of many other Puma teams.

The inside of the collar featured a reference to Sergio Aguero's title winning goal in the 11-12 season, so this shirt did have a something to tie it to the club. White sponsor logos returned for the first time since the 10-11 season.


The central placement of the Puma logo and club badge immediately give next season's shirt a fresh look when compared to the previous three. The minimalistic design suits Puma's Ultraweave template well, and the elasticated cuffs and collar with their maroon trim introduce another first for a Man City home shirt.

These details hark back to the club's kits from the late 60s and early 70s, when maroon appeared on the socks, but it is the first time that the colour has been applied to the home shirt itself. The sky blue is paler than that of the previous season's kit and the absence of seams on the shoulders give the shirt a clean look.

Manchester City 22-23 Home Kit Released

Looking at these first four home shirts, Puma's designs have been hit and miss. There actually appears to be something of a pattern in this regard: a miss, followed by a hit, and repeat. Of course, this is all subjective, and many people may disagree with the points made here, but it is hard to make a case that Puma have pulled out all the stops each year for their top club.

How do you rate Puma's first four efforts for Manchester City? How do they compare to the previous kits made by Nike and Umbro? Would you prefer to see another brand make City's kits? Share your thoughts in the comments.