Leaked: Puma 22-23 Kit Designs Stop at "Random" Points

For the 2022-23 season, Puma have come up with a uniquely innovative approach for their kits.

Puma 22-23 Kits - Based on 2-Panels Ultraweave template

Every single of the Puma 2022-2023 jerseys is based on the new Ultraweave template, Puma's new high-end jersey launched in October 2021. It features just two main panels rather than the standard four to eight.

The Ultraweave template just features two panelsIn contrast to many previous streamlined innovative templates such as Nike's Aeroswift, the Ultraweave allows for virtually endless different collars and designs.

However, the designs are more interesting than the template itself. The designs and patterns of most Puma kits are placed like in a box - they stop abruptly.

This can be perfectly seen with the new Milan, Krasnodar, and Shakthar kits but also applies to BVB's home and away as well as Man City's away kits.

The diagonal stripes of the Manchester City away kit do not go until the sides - they stop shortly before. The result is not spectacular here - it looks like standard side panels.

For each kit, the design appears to be sublimated individually at the endFor the 22-23 kits, it appears that Puma print the designs on the fabric after the two panels of the shirt have been cut out. Usually, there is a role of fabrics with the design already printed on.

The two-panel construction allows designs to continue on the sleeves without any interruption. Traditionally, there are extra panels (and seams) for the sleeves that prevent that.

The Italy Renaissance Ultraweave kit is a prime example of how patterns seamlessly work with the Ultrweave kit.

In Depth: Puma Ultraweave Kit Technology - To Be Used By All Puma Elite Teams

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